Communities and Justice

Mandatory Reporter Guide

DCJ is reviewing the Mandatory Reporter Guide (MRG). The MRG helps mandatory reporters decide whether to report their concerns of possible abuse or neglect of a child to the DCJ Child Protection Helpline. It also helps reporters to understand how they can help the child.

Changes to make better decisions for children 

The changes will:

  • proactively identify Aboriginal children and families so they receive a more culturally appropriate service 
  • help reporters link families to early intervention services when these best suit their needs 
  • identify family strengths including how cultural practices can support a child’s safety 
  • consider the impact of more factors in a child’s life to guide decisions. 


  • Mandatory reporters in NSW – including NSW Police, Education and Health – were surveyed about their experiences using the MRG. 
  • Focus groups with mandatory reporters were held to understand what changes would help to improve the MRG. 
  • Consultation continues and work has started on the design to determine policy, tool, and practice changes. Learn more about the consultation process.
Last updated:

28 Aug 2023