Communities and Justice

Screening Assessment

DCJ is reviewing the Screening Assessment. The Screening Assessment is used by the DCJ Child Protection Helpline to determine if a report about a child meets the Risk of Significant Harm (ROSH) threshold, if found to be accurate.

Changes to make better decisions for children

The changes will:

  • help DCJ consider the child’s family and other networks to understand the help they may already have in place to create a fuller picture of a child’s safety
  • improve responses to children by considering whether they are living with family or in out of home care
  • ensure definitions in the tool are equitable and are culturally safe.


  • DCJ worked with stakeholders to design and develop a new tool. Learn more about the consultation process.
  • A draft tool was shared with stakeholders for their feedback.
  • The tool was tested in the first half of 2023 at the Child Protection Helpline.
Last updated:

28 Aug 2023