Communities and Justice

Secure Jobs and Funding Certainty Governance

NSW Government Commitment

The NSW Government made a 2023 commitment to deliver more job security and funding certainty for our community services sector. This was included on the list of focussed commitments of the NSW Government. Focused commitments are those that are critical to delivering the Government’s broader strategic agenda. 

This commitment, led by the Minister for Families and Communities, and Minister for Disability Inclusion, the Hon Kate Washington, is a priority for the NSW Government. The Department of Communities and Justice is the responsible NSW Government agency.

SJFC Leadership Group

The NSW Government will take a collaborative approach with the community services sector, and has established a Secure Jobs and Funding Certainty Leadership Group.

The SJFC Leadership Group brings together Government agencies and Peak organisations representing the sector to provide critical advice and guidance to the NSW government on options for the identification, design and implementation of a Roadmap (plan) and program of work to be delivered under the commitment.

The Leadership Group will align their activities, where possible, with correlating and adjacent reforms, in particular work to achieve the Closing the Gap Priority Reform 2, Building the Aboriginal Community Controlled sector.

The role of the SJFC Leadership Group is to:

  • advise the NSW Government through the Minister for Families and Communities, and Minister for Disability Inclusion (the Minister) on matters within the scope of the Commitment
  • advise on and guide the development of options to be included in a Roadmap (plan) to be presented to the Government for consideration describing the key deliverables (what), approach to implementation (how) and timeframes (when) to deliver the Commitment, noting that some deliverables will require further design work beyond the Roadmap
  • ensure there is appropriately broad and targeted engagement and participation from the community services sector and government
  • provide strategic direction, instruction and guidance to the project team, implementation and working groups and others who are supporting deliverables under the Commitment.

SJFC Leadership Group Terms of Reference (TOR)

SJFC Leadership Group ToR (PDF, 153.1 KB) includes the purpose, scope, timeframes, deliverables, membership and governance for the SJFC Leadership Group.

Last updated:

26 Mar 2024