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Secure Jobs and Funding Certainty Roadmap and Consultation


The SJFC Roadmap is a plan describing the key deliverables (program of work), approach and timeframes to achieve the commitment.


There will be consultation at various levels as part of the development of the Roadmap.

The focus of the consultation is to generate feedback on how the priority work streams could be developed, critical inclusions and considerations within each work stream, and to test ideas on certain end-states the NSW Government should aspire to achieve through the Roadmap. 

Sector consultation could include:

Group workshops - Facilitated interactive group sessions will enable comprehensive discussion and brainstorming on each of the priority areas.

Targeted interviews - One-on-one consultation with some stakeholders will be ongoing throughout the development of the SJFC Roadmap.

Survey - An online survey of direct service providers in the community services sector. 


Consultations will occur between March and June 2024 to inform the draft Roadmap that will be considered and endorsed by the SJFC Leadership Group.

The draft Roadmap will then be presented to the NSW Government for consideration.

If approved, it is expected that implementation of reform will be incremental over a period of several years. Implementation timeframes will be set out in the approved Roadmap.

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