Fact Sheets

The OLSC produces fact sheets that provide information to consumers of legal services on a range of topics, such as, costs disputes, negligence and liens.

  1. What Happens When You Complain to the OLSC  (PDF, 82.5 KB) explains the process when a complaint is lodged

  2. Costs Disclosure (PDF, 81.0 KB)explains the requirement for lawyers to disclose their costs to clients
  3. Types of Costs (PDF, 85.5 KB) explains the difference between lawyer/client (aka solicitor-client costs) and ordered costs (aka party/party costs)
  4. Regulated Costs - Personal Injury Claims (PDF, 80.9 KB) sets out the costs a lawyer can charge in personal injury matters
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  6. Regulated Costs - Motor Accident Compensation (PDF, 82.8 KB) sets out the costs a lawyer can charge in motor accident compensation matters
  7. Costs Disputes (PDF, 88.7 KB) explains our processes for dealing with costs disputes and the Cost Assessment Scheme
  8. Costs Dispute Resolution (PDF, 68.4 KB) information for consumers on costs mediation as a means of resolving costs disputes
  9. Negligence (PDF, 86.8 KB)  discusses our processes for dealing with complaints alleging negligence
  10. Liens (PDF, 55.3 KB)  explains when a lawyer might retain a client's documents and/or property
  11. Conflict of Interests  (PDF, 72.9 KB) explains the concept of a conflict of interests and the types of conflict of interests
  12. Deceased Estates (PDF, 84.6 KB) explains a lawyer's role in relation to estate and probate matters
  13. Settlement (PDF, 81.1 KB)  explains a lawyer's role and duties in relation to a settlement
  14. File Ownership and Handling (PDF, 77.4 KB) explains the requirements for retaining and storing files
  15. Hiring a Lawyer (PDF, 82.9 KB) explains the process of hiring a lawyer
  16. Opposing Legal Representatives (PDF, 85.5 KB) information for consumers on the role and duties of opposing legal representatives
  17. Independent Children's Lawyer  (PDF, 80.1 KB) explains the role of an independent children's lawyer
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06 Dec 2023

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