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Adopting a child

If you are interested in adopting a child through the local adoption program you are encouraged to contact one of the two accredited adoption service providers Anglicare on 9890 6800 and Family Spirit on 8709 9333. For additional queries about the local adoption program please contact Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ) on 9716 3003. Alternatively if you are interested in adopting a child or young person through the Out of Home Care program you may also contact My Forever Family on 1300 782 975.

What adoption is, who can adopt and the types of adoption available.
What is open adoption, its benefits and what it means for you, the child and their birth family.
A step-by-step explanation of what happens in the adoption process.
About adoption order, changes to birth certificate, contact with birth parents and more.
Adopting a child who is in out-of-home care or in foster care and the OOHC adoption allowance.
Legal requirements and application process for intrafamily adoption.
Information for people who want to adopt locally in NSW, including a list of adoption agencies.
About intercountry adoption, including waiting times, fees and costs, and legal requirements.
About adopting a child with special care needs, including the process, subsidy and contacts.
About adopting someone who is aged 18 years or older.
Understanding circumstances where adoption may occur in Aboriginal communities.
Formal adoption orders and Torres Strait Islander adoptions.
Children whose legal adoptions were finalised overseas are entitled to NSW birth certificates.
Adoption support organisations, offering international playgroups and social groups and more.
A NSW Government initiative focussed on increasing the number of open adoptions from care in NSW.
Contact the Open Adoption Hotline.
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18 Apr 2024