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NSW Carers Strategy

About the strategy

The NSW Carers Strategy: Caring in New South Wales 2020–2030 (PDF, 1.8 MB) sets out the NSW Government’s ten-year plan for supporting and recognising carers in NSW. The strategy focuses on four priority areas:

  • carers have better access to information, services and supports
  • carer are recognised, respected and empowered
  • carers have improved financial wellbeing and economic opportunities
  • carers have better health and wellbeing.

How we’re putting the strategy into action

We will develop action plans every two years to help us stay on track to achieve the goals set out in the strategy. These plans will set out all the actions the NSW Government and the sector will take to better support and recognise carers.

 NSW Carers Strategy 2nd Action Plan 2023-2024 (PDF, 1.1 MB) 

How we developed this strategy

We co-designed the strategy and the first action plan with carers, service providers and community partners. This helped us to identify carers’ needs and priorities, and made sure carers remained at the centre of our work. You can learn more about this comprehensive co-design process in the NSW Carers Strategy 2020–2030 Co-design Summary Report (PDF, 775.3 KB).

Last updated:

31 Mar 2023