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Carers Week

National Carers Week is an annual event with a focus on recognising and celebrating the outstanding contribution unpaid carers make to our nation and New South Wales. Carers help their loved ones who have a disability, mental illness, chronic illness, aged frailty, dementia or drug or alcohol dependency.

The week aligns with the NSW Carers Strategy: Caring in NSW 2020-2030 (PDF, 1.8 MB). This strategy sets out the NSW Government’s ten-year plan for supporting and recognising carers in NSW.

It aims to ensure:

  • carers have better access to information, services and supports
  • carers are recognised, respected and empowered
  • carers have improved financial wellbeing and economic opportunities
  • carers have better health and wellbeing.

As part of this strategy, the NSW Government will support people with caring responsibilities to self-identify as carers.

Carers Week provides an opportunity to educate and raise awareness among all Australians about the diversity of carers and their caring roles, and is proudly funded by the NSW Government.

For more information on Carers Week and the events being held throughout the week across NSW, visit the Carers NSW website. You can also contact Carers NSW by email 

Last updated:

06 Apr 2023