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Social Housing Accelerator Fund (SHAF) Tranches

In June 2023, the Federal Government announced its $2 billion Social Housing Accelerator, including $610 million for NSW, which will increase Australia’s housing supply by creating thousands of new social homes across Australia. DCJ was allocated $69 million over two financial years 2023/24 (SHAF Tranche 1) and 2024/25 (SHAF Tranche 2).

SHAF Tranche 1 (FY 23/24) - $40.4 million have been allocated to fund 11 approved projects from an approved project pipeline. These projects will deliver a total of 124 new properties (118 Social housing and 6 Affordable housing).

CHPs offered $16.51 million of equity, debt, land and other contributions to the projects which represents approximately around a 29.01% CHP co-contribution .

SHAF Tranche 2 (FY 24/25) - Approximately $19.6 million will be allocated through a competitive tender process.

Last updated:

12 Apr 2024