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CHIF Funding Programs

Community Housing Innovation Fund Programs

CHIF Round One

CHIF Round One closed in April 2021 and allocated $23.1 million to seven providers to deliver eleven projects valued at approximately $60 million around the state.  Their combined offering of approximately more than 170 dwellings comprises over 100 social housing and over 60 other housing types (e.g. affordable to rent, affordable to buy and transitional housing). 

CHPs offered $37.1 million of equity, debt, land and other contributions to the projects. This represented about a 62% co-contribution.  

CHIF Round Two

The CHIF Round Two tender closed in March 2023. Funding of $27.17million (exc GST) was approved to be allocated to the 6 preferred projects delivering a total of 95 new properties (75 social and 20 affordable housing dwellings) over 3 financial years (2022/23, 2023/24 and 2024/25).

CHIF Stimulus - Social Housing economic recovery package

In October 2021, NSW Government announced that $50 million would be allocated to fourteen approved projects that will deliver more than 270 social and affordable housing properties valued at approximately $108.4 million.  This investment aimed to bolster housing supply as part of the NSW Government’s COVID-19 economic recovery strategy.

CHPs offered $68.5.8 million of equity, debt, land and other contributions to the projects which represents around a 60% CHP co-contribution. 

CHIF DFV (Domestic and Family Violence) 

On 19 October 2021, the NSW Government - Domestic and Family Violence (DFV) funding package of $484.3 million was announced. Included in the package was $52.5 million to develop or acquire up to 200 dwellings for women escaping domestic and family violence. These dwellings will be delivered under the CHIF – DFV which will provide long-term housing solutions for women who are escaping domestic and family violence 

The first round the CHIF- DFV in 2021 offered $33 million to 9 CHPs to deliver 122 dwellings including 89 social housing and 33 affordable housing dwellings.

The second round of the CHIF – DFV allocated the remaining $19.5 million through a competitive tender in March 2023, to five CHPs to deliver 63 dwellings including 61 social housing and 2 affordable housing dwellings.

CHPs offered $34.34 million of equity, debt, land and other contributions to the projects which represents approximately about 40% co-contribution.  

Together Home Transition Program (THTP)

In 2022, the NSW Government announced the allocation of a $35.5 million for the Together Home Transition Program – Round 1. The program was part of $122.1 million government investment that aimed to support over 1,050 people who were sleeping on the streets into private market tenancies linked with wraparound supports. Noting the value of the program, the NSW Government announced an additional $37 million to deliver additional housing.

Under THTP Tranche One, $35.5 million of funding was committed to deliver 144 dwellings, including 136 social housing dwellings and 8 affordable housing dwellings.

Under the THTP Tranche Two, $37 million of government funding was committed to deliver around 130 dwellings. Of this nearly $27 million worth of projects delivering nearly 100 dwellings were sourced from the previous tender. 

The remaining 10 million were allocated to five CHPs through a competitive tender process which closed in March 2023. These CHPs will be utilising the allocated funds under the THTP Tranche 2, to deliver five projects comprising a total of 37 social housing dwellings.

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15 Feb 2024