Communities and Justice

Support for children, young people and families

Information about programs offering support for children, young people and families and how to find it.

What support is available for children, young people and families? 

The Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ) funds free, voluntary services across NSW that support children, young people and families experiencing a range of issues.

The services are delivered by not-for-profit or community organisations. These organisations understand their local communities and design programs and activities specifically for them.

They can support you to:

  • Strengthen and improve relationships
  • Connect with people who can give practical advice and guidance
  • Build or grow support networks and connect with the local community
  • Learn new skills to find new work or volunteering opportunities
  • Build resilience and increase confidence
  • Referrals to specialist supports

They can offer support for with range of issues including:

  • Feeling isolated or lonely
  • Parenting challenges including sleep problems or managing difficult behaviours
  • Mental health issues including anxiety and depression
  • Overuse of drugs or alcohol
  • Practical assistance, budgeting and managing money, financial stress
  • Difficulty finding work or study opportunities
  • Issues with family relationships or dynamics, including family safety 

Our programs

Targeted Earlier Intervention (TEI)

Targeted Earlier Intervention (TEI) provides support for children, young people, families and communities. 

Watch this short video to learn more about TEI and visit Spotlight on TEI to hear from people who have benefited from TEI. 

Find a TEI service

To find a TEI service, go to Service Seeker and enter ‘TEI’ and your postcode in the search box.

You can also use a keywords to help your search, for example ‘TEI parenting’ or ‘TEI counselling’ plus your postcode.

To find services delivered by Aboriginal organisations include keywords such as  ‘Aboriginal’ or ‘Indigenous’.

Don't know your postcode? Visit Australia Post - Find a postcode.

More information about common TEI programs and activities

Your local TEI services may run different programs and activities to what is listed below.

Neighbourhood or Community Centres

Neighbourhood or Community Centres can help you connect with other people in your community.

Community centres run activities and groups for parents, young people, families with children and the broader community.

Community centres know what is available in your area, so if you’re looking for some support but aren’t exactly sure what you need they can probably help! 

Parenting groups and family capacity building

Parenting support can include:

  • groups for parents with children in a particular age group
  • courses to help you strengthen your relationship with your child or children
  • ways to connect with other parents and families and develop practical parentings skills
  • family capacity building which focuses on increasing positive connections in a family. 
Referrals and finding specialist supports

Information about specialist support such as:

  • children’s health services
  • legal representation
  • housing
Indigenous services

Services aimed at supporting Aboriginal children, young people families and communities. Many of these services are run by Aboriginal people, for Aboriginal people. 

Services include:

  • Indigenous advocacy and support
  • Indigenous healing workshops
  • Camps and activities for Aboriginal children, young people and families. These aim to strengthen connections with Aboriginal culture. 
  • Indigenous supported playgroups

Counselling one on one, or as a couple or family. Counselling offers support with a qualified practitioner such as a psychologist or psychotherapist. 


Support to access and enrol in TAFE courses or other education programs, including early childhood education and transition programs between primary and high school. Other courses can focus on practical skills such as budgeting, resume writing and cooking healthy food. 

Employment pathways

Programs to build the skills you need to find employment. This includes resume writing workshops, employment skills development and volunteering. 

Supported playgroups

A supported playgroup is the same as a regular playgroup, but with added support from a qualified worker. The worker provides a link between families, other health & community services and the wider community.

Services for young people

Services for young people can include;

  • community activities aimed at young people or one-on-one support
  • activities aimed at goal setting, building critical thinking skills, managing emotions and healthy relationships 
  • after school programs, like homework support or social connection activities.

Family Connect and Support (FCS)

If you’re not sure what TEI program is best for you, or you want another kind of support, Family Connect and Support (FCS), can connect you to the right place.

FCS workers will talk with you to understand your circumstances. They will then suggest programs or support services they think will be best for you and your family and if you agree give you a referral.

If you would like to speak to someone from FCS, visit the Family Connect and Support and type in your postcode to the search bar. You can then fill in a short form and someone from FCS will contact you. 

Don't know your postcode? Visit Australia Post - Find a postcode.

There is no formal eligibility criteria for FCS. In most cases there must be a child/young person aged 0 - 18 in the family or household.

Last updated:

31 Jul 2023