Communities and Justice

ChildStory Casework

Casework is the primary ChildStory system used across NSW in the protection and care of children and young people. It is the single source system for a child protection practitioner to view, create and update information about children and young people. This information is available in one place and accessible in real-time when it is needed. This means practitioners can make informed decisions to keep children and young people safe and well.

Key tasks can be recorded and managed within Casework including:

  • field assessments
  • family action plans
  • case management
  • placement management.

Who uses ChildStory Casework?

ChildStory Casework is used by Communities and Justice (DCJ) staff including:

  • caseworkers
  • managers
  • Child Protection Helpline staff
  • administrative staff
  • psychologists
  • legal officers.

It is also used by some key child protection staff including:

  • CWU – Education, Health Police
  • JCPRP – Health, Police
  • NSW Ombudsman
  • Office of the Children’s Guardian (OCG).

How can I access ChildStory Casework?

An internal process can be followed to gain access to ChildStory Casework for internal DCJ staff. For more information visit ChildStory training and access on the DCJ Intranet.

External agencies

If you are a key child protection practitioner external to DCJ and you require access to ChildStory Casework read our guide for information on how to request access, which includes the System Access Request Form to download and complete.

Last updated:

29 May 2024