Communities and Justice

Multicultural and translated resources

DCJ wants to ensure no-one is disadvantaged because they do not speak English or have difficulty speaking English or because of their cultural or religious background.

The below list of resources aims to help multicultural families and those who work with multicultural communities to learn more about us, our services and the sector.

Mandatory Reporter Guide (MRG)

The Mandatory Reporter Guide (MRG) provides information for service providers who work with culturally and linguistically diverse families to help with when to report and what you need to report.

Language support/access to an interpreter

Information about language support and access to an interpreter for DCJ clients.

Permanency Support Program resources

Information about permanency and safety, what permanency means, and how DCJ is helping children have a permanent home.

Translated resources are available for download in the following seven languages: Arabic; Chinese (simplified); Dinka; Samoan; Spanish; Tongan; Vietnamese. Resources include:

Fostering a child: Caring for children from diverse cultural backgrounds

Information about caring for children from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Care and Cultural Planning

Information about the redesign of the Care Plan for children and young people in statutory out-of-home care. 'Cultural Plans' ensure children preserve their cultural identity as well as their connection to culture and family.

NGO CALD resources

A range of CALD resources for non-government agencies.

Family Group Conferencing

Information about family group conferencing for parents and carers who have children or young people in out of home care. What it is, how it works and how it can help.

My Forever Family: Culturally and linguistically diverse children

Information for people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds who are considering becoming a carer.

My Forever Family provides support to children and young people by recruiting and training carers, with the goal of improving experiences and outcomes for children and carers.

Office of the Children’s Guardian: Multilingual resources

Translated information for people who work or volunteer with children and need to get a Working with Children Check.

The Office of the Children's Guardian is an independent statutory authority in NSW Government. They regulate and oversee organisations in NSW to uphold children and young people’s right to be safe.

Child safe standards and core components

Information about the Child Safe Standards and core components in multiple languages.

The Child Safe Standards were recommended by the Royal Commission to provide a framework for making organisations safer for children.

Consultations by the Advocate for Children and Young People

Information about the ‘Consultations with refugees and asylum seeker children and young people report 2019’.

The Advocate for Children and Young People (ACYP) is an independent statutory office focussed on making NSW a better place for children and young people.

Multicultural NSW

Information about services provided by Multicultural NSW in 14 community languages.

Multicultural NSW is charged with maintaining social cohesion and community harmony in NSW and aim to engage, enable and enrich the lives of the people of NSW.

Women NSW: Forced marriage

Information about underage forced marriage. Information is available in the following languages; Arabic, Urdu, Nepali, Dari, Farsi, Hindi, Amharic, Dinka, Bengali, Somali.

Women NSW aims to improve the lives of all women in NSW by achieving justice and equality through policy, innovation and collaboration.

Last updated:

23 Apr 2024