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Carer allowance, Code of Conduct, reviews and cancelling authorisation

All authorised foster, relative and kin carers receive an allowance, you can find the latest minimum allowance rates below.

The Carer Code of Conduct aims to promote loving, stable, caring and positive relationships between the child and their carer. The Code of Conduct sets out the support and assistance that carers can expect to receive from the agency supervising the placement. You can find the Code of Conduct below.

Information and when agencies need to conduct carer reviews and carer rights when authorisation is cancelled can be found below.

Access the My Forever Family website.
Access the AbSec carer support services website.
Access the Child Story website for helpful information on caring for kids.
Find resources to help with education payments for young people in OOHC.
Access tools and forms for DCJ carers from the OOHC Financial Guidelines.
Last updated:

11 Jun 2024