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What is Targeted Earlier Intervention?

Evidence shows that children’s life chances are affected by both their families and communities, and that both can be changed for the better. Targeted Earlier Intervention (TEI) provides support for children, young people, families and communities. Watch our animated explainer to learn more.

From parenting courses to community centres, supported playgroups and more, find a service by searching 'TEI' at:

Inspiring real-life stories

These stories demonstrate how our earlier support services are strengthening communities and improving the lives of vulnerable children, young people and families.  

Refer yourself or a friend

If you believe someone you know would benefit from some extra support or connecting with community services, search 'TEI' on ServiceSeeker to find a service. If you need help finding a 'TEI' service visit Family Connect and Support.

Practitioner referrals

If you’re working with a family or young person and would like to refer to one of these services, search 'TEI' on ServiceSeeker.

More information

Visit the TEI webpages  for more information on the program and its guidelines and policies. Get in touch with any comments, feedback or if you would like more information. Email

Last updated:

07 Jul 2023