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Housing and homelessness

We work with housing support services to respond to homelessness in NSW and enable affordable housing for all. 

Quick access

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Apply for housing or private rental assistance, request a repair, login to your account and more.
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You can access your housing information on the go using the MyHousing app on a smartphone.
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A smartphone app that helps young people who have been in care on their journey to independence.

Services and support

Find information on what housing support you may be eligible for, your rights and responsibilities as a tenant, how to apply for private rental assistance or social housing, assistance with starting or keeping a tenancy and understanding your rights and responsibilities as a tenant. 

Understand what help you may be eligible for including social housing and private rental assistance.
A range of private rental assistance products and services available to help clients.
Aboriginal people can apply for housing and access work and study opportunities.
Find funding programs to help deliver social and affordable housing across NSW.
Your rights and responsibilities as a tenant and request help with your home or tenancy.
Resources for affordable housing, community housing and specialist homelessness service providers.
Information on becoming a DCJ Housing tenant and how to maintain your tenancy.
We are changing the way social housing is delivered and how we respond to homelessness in NSW.
Enter a postcode, suburb, town or address to find a local housing office near you.
All reports are treated seriously and managed in the strictest confidence.
Find out how this funding program will contribute in increasing the housing supply across NSW.


Last updated:

12 Apr 2024