Communities and Justice

Access to information

Includes the Right to Information Policy (GIPA), Agency Information Guide, Disclosure Log and the online GIPA portal.

Members of the public may access information held by the Government under the GIPA Act.
View the GIPA Act on the NSW Legislation website.
How a member of the public may exercise their right to access information held by the department.
We hold a range of records, in a variety of locations, for each function of the department.
Information released in response to access applications, which may be of interest to the public.
Who we are, our structure and functions and what kind of information we hold.
Open access information not publicly available due to overriding public interest against disclosure.
How we manage personal and health information across the Department.
The PMP explains how the Department handles and manages personal and health information.
Information relating to the Department's obligations under the scheme
Information about subpoenas, summons and other document requests.
Copies of contract documents (minus commercial-in-confidence content)
Advertising compliance with relevant regulations and guidelines.
Last updated:

30 Oct 2023